More snow antics

There are a few things more fun than two wheel drifting through snow. Parts of the track had sketchy sheet ice under the 30 or so centimeters of fresh powder and was unrideable. Lots of skidding out of berms ensued.

Hagakullen night snowride

I’ve signed up for the Megavalanche this year so i figured i need to get some time riding on snow since the first few kilometers of the race are just that, a snow covered ski piste. Getting familiar with letting the bike move under me more is apparently a good way to stay upright in […]

SBR 14 – Greasy Bridge Flottsbro

I’ve grown to enjoy lung busting sprints. Apparently not enough given my ranking, but that’s nothing a winter of turbo trainer session can’t fix. I rode consistently without crashes, kept it maybe a little on the safe side, but with a lot of small mistakes that added up to a decent time deficit. Still had […]