SBR#19 Viva la CFBC

Very little sleep and mountainbiking don’t mix well. But i don’t miss races, for anything, especially races with lift access. So after arriving home from the airport in the middle of the night and sleeping somewhere between 4 and 5 hours, i packed the car and drove down to Flottsbro. I felt comfortable in practice, […]

SBR #18 Fullfjädrat

Once again the mtb comunity in Stockholm delivers. I on the other hand didn’t. In teh begining of summer i was informed that i won a spot in the innaugural Stockholm Velothon, a road race. A road race?? Yes. So after returning from the Megavalanche, i washed my trail bike and put it away and […]

Three wet trails

In just under a week i’ll be riding the first round of ESS in Flottsbro. It’s also been at least 6 months since i’ve ridden the trails there and my memory is starting to glitch when trying to remember which rocks i can pop off. So what better way to refresh my memory than to […]

Dual Slalom – Hammarbybacken

What i love about the bike community in Stockholm is that it welcomes everyone. The “join in the fun” mentality is most obvious at the many ad-hock races people have organised. I’ve never raced Dual Slalom, so i didn’t really have any ambitions for the race rather than to get down the hill in one […]


One of the last few days of summer is upon us here in Stockholm, so i figured i’d get a little riding done before the rain comes. Hagakullen has a great rollercoaster track, that even thoug it’s short maximises the potential of the hill.

MTB in Kallhäll

The Gorillapod coupled with a Gopro and wireless remote is an awesome way to make short edits. The flexibility the Gorillapod offers in camera placement is unparalleled. Now all i need is a cablecam…

Bike commuting

….is more fun when captured on film. This is a timelapse of my 58 minute commute shot at 5MP@1fps and put together in Adobe AE and iMovie.