Dual Slalom – Hammarbybacken

What i love about the bike community in Stockholm is that it welcomes everyone. The “join in the fun” mentality is most obvious at the many ad-hock races people have organised.

I’ve never raced Dual Slalom, so i didn’t really have any ambitions for the race rather than to get down the hill in one piece and not be dead last. What i went home with is a giant happy grin on my face and a Five Ten t-shirt. The race was a complete mud fest, everyone was going sideways, if i didn’t have my goggles on, my helmet would fill up with mud and grass slung up by the front tyre. Clearing mud out of the tyre tread pattern became an obligatory pre run ritual. Sticks and pointy rocks were in high demand.

As with all hese ad-hock races i’ve been to, the ┬áthing that attracts me the most is the atmosphere. People, regardless of skill level, are friendly, approachable and willing to discuss tyre choice for hours.

So let’s start with a somewhat serious race shot.


An now for the fun. Apparently someone had their camera on burst mode.10710400_10153342555798065_2330965034386232689_o10655353_10153342567563065_5296285698233276504_o1047986_10153342568428065_9661012875169325_o