Järvsö Bike Park

With a  few weeks to go to Megavalanche it was time to test the bike and my DH skills on trails a little longer than Hammarbybackens 58sec runs. This was also the time i chose to introduce my girlfriend to the world of DH. Well now i know where not to take her next time!

We jammed my Stumpy and Epic in the car and drove off to what was to become a fun little adventure in mud and rain.

This was my first time in Järvsö, so i didn’t know what to expect. The trails were mint though, really flowy, almost no need to pedal in places. I tried not to huck everything i saw (and frankly some of the things just plain scared me) using the fact that it’s mid season and that i don’t want to hurt myself right before the Megavalanche. The bike ran absolutely perfectly, my body on the other hand reminded me that i should have trained more. My hands were cramping up and hurting towards the end of day 2.

Into the mist


While everyone on facebook was some place warm on their summer holidays, i was getting a mud tan!20150614_134433393_iOS

Poser shot on the lift.20150614_210913000_iOS

I was kind of a little envious of my girlfriend’s rental Scott Voltage, which i tested shortly. Compared to my Stumpy it felt like riding DH on a sofa stuffed with fluffy pillows. Towards the end of day 2 she managed to get down the green run, which for someone riding a DH bike for the first time is absolutely great.


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