SBR #18 Fullfjädrat

Once again the mtb comunity in Stockholm delivers. I on the other hand didn’t. In teh begining of summer i was informed that i won a spot in the innaugural Stockholm Velothon, a road race. A road race?? Yes. So after returning from the Megavalanche, i washed my trail bike and put it away and became a roadie for the following 3 months. Roadies are a fit bunch, right? So all the hours spinning at a steady pace must have done wonders for my fitness? Wrong. Straight line pedalling on asphalt and pumping  seconds out of a trail are worlds apart. On the other hand, i finished mid pack without any major incidents and happy that I didn’t chicken out on any of the features. I did gently hug a tree though on one of the stages, but in my defense it was in a turn, right after a photographer, and i managed to keep my composure for the duration of him taking a picture. Looking good in pictures, that’s what really matters!

12038027_10154306719408065_3703485938740129340_n (1)

That compression caused a fair bit of problems. The right line had a couple of small drops making it hard to brake, the left line had a whole lot off off camber moss. 12046784_10154306721393065_6207261391712045383_n

Full on focus.
12009704_10154306721668065_6001220657653093129_n (1)

The jump into the finish area of the last stage.

Same jump from another angle. A mix of focus and constipation.

12039716_10154306721093065_3248824498318785663_n (1)


And of course the headcam footage: