SBR#19 Viva la CFBC

Very little sleep and mountainbiking don’t mix well. But i don’t miss races, for anything, especially races with lift access. So after arriving home from the airport in the middle of the night and sleeping somewhere between 4 and 5 hours, i packed the car and drove down to Flottsbro.

I felt comfortable in practice, or at least comfortable enough to ride all the features without looking at them first. I felt fast and confident, and then the timed runs started. The first 300m went fine, then all the loose berms became looser, the jumps felt longer and my chain kept on jamming up whenever i tried shifting down the casette. A couple of small wipeouts later my confidence was in the dirt, literally.

In spite of my 41st spot and the slew of rather colorful words i scremed out every time i couldn’t shift, I did get some pretty good helmet cam footage, and i ended up on a few pretty great pictures.

12113338_10154371584623065_1819958704040665422_o 12138423_10154371584603065_5314015382835819300_o 12120132_10154371584598065_756246874790992190_o 12140075_10154371584618065_8341016286264978232_o

Oh, and for some reason, i’ve begun to think that bike videos go really well with Australian rap…